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  • Published : March 22, 2013
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How to Apply Agenda Setting Theory in Public Relation in the context of Malaysian study.

The specific ways is which public relations can give a big impact to the media agenda are through all the attempts to build good reputation and favorable image for those they represent. Public relations practitioner can apply this theory in order to attract people by giving perceptions that will influence the public. This effort would embrace with the image management, choice of words and publicity.

The first effort in applying agenda setting theory is the Image Management. The full awareness with the power of public opinion, public relations professionals devote time and energy towards putting across a clean and very positive image of those they represent. In some instances the public image projected may be at variance with reality all in the attempt to earn underserved favors or goodwill as in high approval ratings, voters’ support, and purchase decision and so on. In Malaysia, for example, in the 13th Malaysian National Election, the politicians use the media tools such as newspaper and blog in order to provide clear image on what they represent to gain supporters and votes from the public. They also tense to give bad perceptions towards the opposition side whether it is true or not. Then the public themselves will judge the situation by themselves.

Secondly, it is important for the public relation practitioner to know the exact word to persuade people with the Choice of Words. Even though image embraces the totality of cues supplied, the choices word of play a vital role in such way to strengthen the agenda setting purposes. The languages, whether written or spoken of the press releases, press statements, video news releases, and press conferences are usually repeated to ensure the public receive the messages. This concerned with the choice of words has informed the use of rationalization with the truth instead of lying and many others that make individuals,...
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