Eating Behavior at Teriyaki Boy

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Teriyaki Boy is one of the leading fast-food chains in the country today, with 31 branches located all over Metro Manila and in other provinces of Luzon. They serve Japanese meals at reasonable prices and also aim to serve the customers at fast-food speed. Its first branch was located at Ortigas, and the significant popularity of the restaurant got the attention of the Pancake House Group. Soon after, Teriyaki Boy merged with the Pancake House Group.

Since its first store in 2001, Teriyaki Boy has been awarded numerous awards for the past several years. Last year, Teriyaki Boy was awarded the Most Outstanding Filipino Retailer in the Medium Sized Food Category by the Philippine Retailers Association of the Philippines, among others.

Currently, Teriyaki Boy is open to franchising with its goal of expanding their stores nationwide.

Teriyaki Boy’s market consists of families, businessmen and young adults of the A and B market. Their prices, although not as expensive as other Japanese restaurants, are still a little higher than the average fast food place.


As a patron of Teriyaki Boy, there are few things that I can fault the restaurant. The food is good and also affordable. The ambiance is nice, which is relatively casual. They have a promotion where they guarantee that patrons will be seated in 15 minutes or less. Also, the service is good.

Considering that these are the good points of Teriyaki Boy, what are the marketing concepts that they can apply to ensure that they retain and increase their current customer base?


1.To determine marketing strategies that are currently being applied by Teriyaki Boy to entice customers. 2.To apply marketing concepts in the behavior of my companions during the time of observation. 3.To recommend additional marketing concepts that may be used for Teriyaki Boy’s continued success.



As we are waiting to be seated outside Teriyaki Boy in Festival Mall, I observe my subjects. It’s 1 pm on a weekend and the place is packed as is to be expected. While we are waiting, one of my companions asked for a menu, so he could look at the choices while we are seated, possibly eliminating additional waiting time in the process.

Prior to Teriyaki Boy, our group has been walking around the malls and shopping. You can expect that we are already hungry by the time we decided to eat at Teriyaki Boy. While they are flipping through the menus, one of them said that they are getting more hungry just by looking at the menu. The others agreed and still they continued to flip through. Every few minutes or so, one of them looks at their watch to know the elapsed time. Teriyaki Boy has a sign saying that they guarantee that they can seat people in 15 minutes or less, which was probably the reason why they were so interested in the time. A couple of minutes went by and one of the waiters of the restaurant informed us that a table was ready for the 6 of us. Once seated, the group asked for their orders to be taken.


There were inquiries on some of the items on the menu, mostly those that didn’t have pictures. 3 of my companions ordered their usual orders: katsudon, Teriyaki Boy chicken and Tempura Ramen. One ordered the Gindara Teriyaki, which is the second time I have seen him order. My last companion was looking around at the other patrons of the store and their orders. She saw something interesting and asked the waiter what the food was of the lady in front of her. The waiter answered that it was the Kakiage Tempura. After pausing for a bit and thinking about it, she just ordered her usual order, the Sukiyaki Beef Teriyaki

The food started to arrive a little over 10 minutes. The food was good, consistent with our previous dining experiences there. There were additional requests made by the party, such as extra seasoning, glasses of water and tissue paper. All requests were done by the waiters,...
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