Eating at Home vs Eating Out

Topics: Food, Cooking, Nutrition Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: May 31, 2013
Topic: Compare and contrast eating at home and eating out
Life is more and more modern and convenience but people are busier. Nowadays, eating out becomes more popular. Restaurants are like heroes which rescue busy people from cooking because they have no time to prepare food at home. Some people choose restaurants to enjoy their meals, while others prefer to prepare and eat at home. Therefore, the choice between eating at home and eating out still raises many debates. Eating at home and eating out share similarities but they have certain differences in preparation time, finance. The first difference is related to preparation time. It is obvious that home cooked meals require people to spend more time preparing because they have to cook by themselves. In fact, to have a delicious meal ready, cooks need to follow several certain steps including going to markets to buy ingredients, selecting the best ones, making them clean and then cooking. It takes even half of a day to make these preparations. Besides, eating out is much easier since people do not cook on their own. Because people are often busy and in a hurry, therefore, they save their time by fast food restaurants that they can easy find in all places. Moreover, only with a bit waiting can they enjoy their favorite dishes in the luxury restaurant with high class services… Finance is another difference between the two kinds of eating. Having home – made meals does not cost much money because of self-preparations. However, people also spend on seasoning, gas, electricity whenever cooking at home, the cost does not as large as many believe. Meanwhile, people are likely to pay a fortune to eat out due to the services such as good views, delicious dishes made by master chefs, which the restaurant provides them with. In conclusion, whatever kinds of eating have their own conveniences and disadvantages. Eating at home might be better in quality while eating out might be better in saving time. Therefore, people...
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