Eat That Frog: a Great Practice for Students.

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Eat That Frog: A Great Practice for Students.

The eat that frog talk about the proper way of stopping procrastination in a less time that will give a result of increasing in productivity, performance and being produced that can make everything that you will do can be considered worthy enough. Brian Tracy said having a set of goals that can make any specific action can be a creative in a way; one must be a systematic in object that can anyone must done a head of starting a new task that ought to be done later. It gives steps; seven steps in things that you should do that ought to help the productivity of one. These goals and making a plan can make a one lives to get the job easier, faster and better. In this setting up plans is actually a useful in times of having various deadlines to build in just a week. It is very efficient to me as a student to have a list in the things I should done since it will give me more time to form an idea and be aware what time that I should pass on this projects on time. One of Tracy said was the key to success is action, definitely yes to what he said because I really agree as anything you do there is an action no matter what you do and there is a result after what have been done either be good thing or the bad thing the point here is there is an action being act. Getting the hardest task in the list to begin with is truly difficult first when you doing it since it will takes time to do and thinking, you will be glad that taking this task as a challenge for yourself even at first you thought is hard it will be good for you because you already have credit for yourself that you can do something. In having this kind of practice that making a set of goals that can make a result of task completion is a must for the students like me because with all our work that we would do this semester will be such a great help for us in the way we can track our activities and be organized to do that without returning back to do it again. For...
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