Eat Pray Love By Elizabeth Gilbert

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Lauren Boyd
1. The tittle Eat, Pray, Love directly corresponds to the three different sections of this book. The sections refer to the 3 countries Gilbert visited in her yearlong trip to Italy, India, and Indonesia. First, she experienced the mouth-watering food of Rome. Then, she stayed at an Ashram in India to pray and discover who she really was. Finally, She wrapped up her adventure in Bali where she found the love of her life. The title connects thematically because eating, praying and loving are 3 main joys in life and the book is all about Gilbert finding joy. Healing also plays a role the meaning of the title because those who are broken usually turn to food, God, or love and that is exactly what she did. Eat, Pray, Love was a perfect title for this novel

2. Elizabeth Gilbert is the author of this book and by all standards of American society, she had everything she needed to be happy. She had a husband, a career as a writer, and great friends. So why was she so unhappy? She did not want to live the “American dream” anymore. She wanted to explore places like Indonesia where it did not matter if all you owned were the clothes on your back and where everyone lived in the live moment instead of worrying about petty things. Gilbert knew there was more to life than working 9-5 and she made it her goal to discover what those things were.

3. This book takes place during Gilbert’s yearlong trip to the countries of Italy, India, and Indonesia. It was published in 2006 so it is a fairly modern work. The setting in this novel is key in the sense that she leaves her home in New York to explore these countries. Without the setting there would be no story because she creates these adventures by her surroundings. Rome is known for its food and landmarks, which are incomparable to anything else. People from all over the world desire to experience the incredible culture it has to offer. In India, the spiritual devotion people have is exhilarating. Finally, Bali is an island known for its beautiful beaches and romantic scenery.

4. The book begins when Gilbert is in marriage to Stephan and is very unhappy and no longer feelings that she wants to be married. She spends 47 consecutive nights crying on the bathroom floor, so she quickly jumps out of her marriage and into the arms of another man named David. Just like her marriage, she realizes she is unhappy and decides to pursue her dream of traveling the world. As Gilbert does this, she completely broken and looking to this trip to piece her life back together. When she reaches Italy, Gilbert immediately indulges herself in pasta, gelato, pizza, and other Italian specialties. She learns what pleasures her and sets off for 4 months of meditation in India happier than ever. These months are spent in Guru’s ashram where she experiences the art of spiritual enlightenment and devotion. Finally, she ends her trip in Bali where she finds her life balance with the help of a wise old medicine man. As the title suggests, the story ends with love. Gilbert falls in love with a Brazilian man named Felipe.

5. The story is told from a first person point of view. Elizabeth Gilbert approaches the story from the persecptive of her travels around the world. By using first person point of view in the memoir, the reader can feel as if they are inside Gilbert’s head because they know everything she is thinking and feeling. The reader can also feel like they are alongside Gilbert in all of her adventures because first person gives her that opportunity. Choosing to be the narrator of her own story allows the themes of healing and joy to be clearly identified because the reader always knows what Gilbert is thinking.

6. Elizabeth Gilbert is a 32 year-old strong willed and independent woman. She is a tall blonde who has not quite found her place in life and embarks on this adventure to do just that. She also has had very bad luck in love until she met Felipe. Next is David Piccolo, Gilbert’s...
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