Easygroup Case Study

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You have been asked to conduct a training needs analysis of a selected organisation and present this in a formal report. To do this you will need to select a business that you are familiar with, either one you work in or you have knowledge of.

Terms of Reference
I have been asked to conduct a training needs analysis of Easy Group Plc Background to the business:
The easyGroup is the private investment vehicle of Stelios, the serial entrepreneur. The easyGroup is the owner of the easy brand and licenses it to all of the easy branded businesses, including easyJet plc, the airline Stelios started in 1995 and in which he remains the largest single shareholder.

The easy brand currently operates more than a dozen industries mainly in travel, leisure, telecoms and personal finance.

The easyGroup profits by either selling shares in the businesses or by licensing or franchising the brand to reputable partners. The easy brand currently operates more than a dozen industries mainly in travel, leisure, telecoms and personal finance.

Business activities:

Every easy branded business is online. And most receive their sales activity through this channel.

Business aims and objectives:
The easyGroup strategy
The easyGroup will build on their core brand values:
1.great value
2.taking on the big boys
3.for the many not the few
4.relentless innovation
5.keep it simple
7.making a difference in people’s lives
8.honest, open, caring and fun
The easyGroup will protect their brand from internal and external threats and manage appropriately the business and other risks inherent in venturing. The easyGroup will develop their people and ensure their reward is aligned to realised shareholder returns. The easyGroup mission statement

The easyGroup mission is to manage and extend Europe’s leading value brand to more products and services, whilst creating real wealth for all stakeholders. The easyGroup vision
easyGroup will develop Europe’s leading value brand into a global force. We will paint the world orange! Business location, size, and how many people employed:
The Rotunda
42/43 Gloucester Crescent
London NW1 7DL

The easyGroup have 17 separate business trading names which operate separately yet they all adhere to the common values, themes, visual identity, and brand presented amongst all the easy businesses. The easyGroup have a central website which unifies the company vision and brand www.easy.com

Due to the easyGroup expanding range of business operations, franchises and partnerships across the European cotenant, including the UK, it would be not possible to give a total figure of people employed. However, each business would have a managing director, or CEO who formally reports to the core easyGroup management on a periodic basis the progress of their business and discuss future developments, plans, opportunities, threats or marketing campaigns.


The training needs of key departments and the key staff members within these departments with regard to helping the organisation achieve its objectives:

The easyGroup Key Departments:

Executive Management

Marketing Sales OperationsHR and Recruitment IT

The easyGroup Key Staff Members:

Commercial Managers CEOs Department Managers

Administrators Designers Customer Services

Training Needs required to help easyGroup achieve its objectives: The easyGroup will build on their core brand values by ensuring training centres on meeting the business objectives: Each department must look for ways to cut...
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