Easy Rawlins

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Ezekiel “Easy” Rawlins, a World War 2 veteran, has to fight for what he wants no matter what he has to do. Easy meets many different people in his new job as a detective some try to help him and some try to make him disappear. Easy’s friend Joppy gets Easy a job so Easy can pay off his mortgage. With this job Easy gets he meets Mr. Albright, Officer Miller, and Daphne Monet. These people have plenty to do on how Easy has to do things to get his money and save his house including his friend Mouse.

Joppy who is Easy’s friend is a bar tender who owns his own bar. Joppy, a retired boxer, introduced Easy to the detective work to look for Daphne Monet. He told Easy to take the job because it could save him and so Easy can keep his house. Joppy made Easy’s job harder to accomplish because Joppy’s murders entailed Easy into the police’s hands. One of the murders that Joppy made got Easy into trouble with the police, as the police thought that Easy was the one that killed Coretta. He molded Easy into a hard-boiled detective by convincing Easy to take the job and creating problems for him along the way. As Joppy created problems for Easy, Easy was finding out that he had a knack for being a detective.

Easy got the detective job from DeWitt Albright after Joppy insisted him that Easy should get the job because Easy had to pay his mortgage. Albright was hired by Todd Carter to find Daphne and bring her to him so they can talk, but since Carter told Albright about the money Daphne stole from him, Albright wanted to get that money from Daphne. Albright didn’t expect much out of Easy at first, all he wanted Easy to do was to try and find out what were Daphne’s whereabouts, but what Easy wasn’t expecting was to actually find out information about Daphne through their friend Coretta. Albright afterwards kept Easy investigating because Frank had disappeared and so did Daphne. Albright made Easy a stronger detective, given that he already had a knack for it, the longer he made...
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