Eastown Hardware Case

Topics: Customer service, Labor Day, Customer Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: October 4, 2011
Introduction/ Executive Summary:
As the manager of Eastown Hardware I am faced with the decision of calling Mitch in, a 19 year veteran, to work overtime during Labor Day weekend. I told Mitch he did not need to come into work during this weekend and he therefore made plans to watch football, go fishing and generally relax this weekend. Nicholas, a three year veteran, is currently grumbling because he feels swamped with all the people coming in. I decided to go ahead and call Mitch in for work during the Labor Day weekend though he was not schedule to come in to work. He may not be too excited about it, but I came to the realization that, it will be better off if I face the ‘wrath of Mitch,’ than that of our valued customers. Analysis:

Due to the bad economy, most people have decided to spend their Labor Day vacation at home working on fixing up their homes, or making renovations that they have always wanted to make but did not have time to, or spent a lot of time working and trying to make enough money to survive. This resulted in an unprecedented number of customers coming in. The store was therefore understaffed and did not have enough sales representatives to attend to their loyal customers. Nicholas cannot take the load; he is not too happy and neither are the customers. Eastown Hardware will go out of business if this problem is not solved. The store has always been known for its loyalty to customers and knowledgeable staff. This is what has kept it from going out of business like many other independent hardware stores. Customers who walk in and do not experience that sense of belonging will leave to the bigger hardware stores where they are guaranteed at least a customer representative who could help out with general needs. Mitch will not be too ecstatic about being called to come in to work, after I had told him he did not need to. He is known by most customers though and his presence in the store will most probably reduce the number of frustrated...
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