Easton vs. Demarini

Topics: Baseball, Baseball bat, Hillerich & Bradsby Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: May 18, 2011
Brandon Baeckel
Mr. Moore

Easton Baseball Bats vs. Demarini Baseball Bats

Ever since the invention of the metal bat, creators have been perfecting the specific ingredients to it in order to create the best performance possible for an athlete. Over the past decade, two particular brands of baseball bats have revolutionized the way that players hit the baseball and perform at high levels. The common brands for baseball players are the Demarini and Easton brand baseball bats. Not only are both baseball bats reliable, they also perform at the highest level to create exemplary satisfaction. But an argument remains for both bats; which is the most reliable, which bat is the most effective on the field, and which bat do the players prefer the most? The elements of these particular brands are corresponding in a way to create an exceptional evaluation, but based on overall performance and player nostalgia the Easton bat has the upper hand.

The Demarini brand of bats was established with the common goal in mind of revolutionizing the feel of the ball off the bat, and ultimately increasing the velocity of the ball off the bat. As a result, the manufacturer conjured the idea of “composite” metal, which is a softer and more flexible metal then the normal aluminum used in bats from the past. The baseball would basically bounce off this new type of bat with higher velocity. The composite idea took off, and soon players all over the world loved the feel of this now material as it struck a baseball. Climactically, the new Demarini bat was a better performer on the baseball field than its counterparts; with the exception of the Easton brand.

As a result to the evolutional upgrade to the Demarini baseball bat, Easton turned the competition up a notch with the creation of stronger, more reliable bats that lasted a player several years of pertinent performance. Demarini bats were known to crack and lose “pop” over time, even with the risk of...
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