Eastern Pantheism Worldview

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John Doe
September 30, 2011
Eastern Pantheism Worldview
Tom Wendt


This worldview believes . . .

Eastern Pantheism Worldview

Domain: Money & Career

Domain: Sexuality

Domain: Family

Domain: Suffering & Death

Domain: Friends

Comparison to Christianity

Naturalism Worldview

Means all is one god or,
better stated, all is one mind or spirit (not a personal
mind or spirit, however).
Knowing is getting beyond self as distinct
from anything else. Knowledge is transcending self
and body and the awareness of thoughts, feelings,
and goals. This is anti-knowledge, anti-senses, and
Human natureThe soul of the person is the
soul of the universe. This is the same as saying you
are not here. You are one with the universe. You
are not “becoming one,” but you are one. There is
no “you.” If you can recall having a oneness experience, then you really did not have one, because
“you” would not have been there to experience it.
Therefore, these truths cannot be taught but only
searched after by each individual.
Human problemsYour senses are
deceiving you. There is no world out there. Your feelings
of self and problems are incorrect. Meditate and
you and your problems will disappear.
Solutions to human problemsYou
must screen out sensory or mental inputs with meditation
or other similar techniques. The technique is
not necessarily religious. You can dim sensory and
self feelings by biofeedback, hallucinogenic drugs,
floating in water for hours, or any one of a number of
other techniques.
Human valueValue statements are meaningless statements to
the pantheistic worldview. I can say, “I love you.” But
when I follow with, “I love pencils, I love dirt, I love
illness, I love dog hair,” then you know that my declaration of love for you is meaningless.
Human purposeTo achieve oneness
and lose this erroneous sense of self.
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