Eastern Pantheism

Topics: Meaning of life, Life, Reality Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: February 27, 2011
Jamal Sankari
CWV 101 Christian Worldview
Dr. Scott Hovater

Directions: Complete the “” column in the table below by filling in the cells from information provided in the textbook. Table 1
Assumption| Eastern Pantheism|
Reality | Everything is one mind or one spirit, and they don’t mean that it is a human mind or spirit. It is one god and we are all a part of this god.| Knowledge| Knowledge is a transcending self and body and the awareness of thoughts and feelings and goals. In a way it is an anti knowledge , anti sense and anti feelings.| Human nature| Human nature is diluted in the universe, so there is no you. There is you in this universe.| Human problems| Human problems are just an illusion. You can make problem disappear by mediation. | Solutions to human problems| Mediation will solve all the problems. There are many forms of mediation. The hallucination drug is one of them.| Human

value| All things in life has the same value or has no value. Since the feelings are a form of illusion, this will tend to create equality in value with everything around you.| Human purpose| To become as a part of this universe, you have to elevate you inner side from yourself.| Ethics

| There is no ethics at all. Everything is the same, the good and the bad are equal in value.| Suffering
| Suffering is just like your feelings. They are an illusion and they don’t exist.| The meaning of life| There is no goal to reach or a message or purpose to live out.| Human
desire| Human desire is a painful thing to the Eastern Pantheism, and the way to treat this pain is by mediation.| (i.e., the Cosgrove textbook)

Directions: Complete the Row “Eastern Pantheism” using information entered in the table in Step 1, coupled with your own thoughts and experience.

Table 2
Worldview| Life Domain: Money & Career| Life Domain: Sexuality| Life Domain: Family| Life Domain: Suffering & Death| Life...
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