Eastern and Western Philosophers

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Eastern and Western Philosophers

By | October 2010
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Eastern and Western Philosophers Comparison Paper
Tatina Singletary PHI/105 August 22, 2010

Eastern philosopher and Western philosopher are similar in some ways and are different in some ways. Eastern philosophy is an experience in life to where thinking is part of the mind to reality itself. Rather than thinking about it, Eastern philosophy must be felt and experienced. Western philosophy is an experience in life to where experience is explained in words. The true meaning of experience, words can sometimes fall short. Of the two philosophies understanding comes from the mind, which has separated the west into two distinct entitles. When talking about philosophy it is a combination of the two, intelligence versus emotion. Self-preservation and social interaction for knowledge and love drives human nature. By the time we try to understand ourselves, our environment, and the reality of nature itself, we then try to confront eternity with our last breaths. The questions that people would like to know are; who, why, and times of injustice pressing. The East and West are made up with two great philosophies that are divided geographical to answer all the questions people have. Confucius was a righteous man from the eastern school of philosophy. Confucius pre-laid the principles by ancient sages and was adhered to the customs to ancient Chinese. The kings were sought upon his counsel because of his fame as a man of ideals. His emperor always led his subjects so that the state would be harmonious and prosper to lead an exemplary life. Confucius had a simple rule that was based on virtue of ethics. The rule was a powerful statement stating, “Doing something bad and you do not want it to come back on you, and doing good actions you want good actions to return to you.” The...

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