east or west, home is best

Topics: Pliny the Elder, Jane Austen, Human Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: December 19, 2013

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Topic: “East or West, home is best”
A Roman author, Plinny the Elder, affirmed that home is where our heart is. It is where we are from; where we are long to be at; and where we think of when we are away from it. There is a famous idiom sharing the same idea with the saying above about home, which is “East or West, home is the best”. Home is the best because it is where we come from. Home is not just a place but old and new memories. Where we are born, brought up, grow up and make memories is home. Our childhood is there, our origin is there. Our characteristics, thoughts, behaviors, all of them are shaped and affected by people in our home. Winton Churchill (n.d.) asserted that every greatest virtue of human are cultivated, nurtured and preserved around the family. Hence, every day when we walk out of the door to the world out there, we bring parts of our home along; we bring typical characteristics of our family with us. Home is where we begin. Nothing can compare with our home now that it is where we turn back for safety. After a hard day, the first place we want to be at is our home, where we can relax; where can escape a little while from the busy life outside; there, we feel free to be ourselves not bothering about the world’s eyes. As Jane Austen wrote in one of her most successful novel “There is nothing like staying at home; for real comfort”. Besides, we are back there not just for relaxing but home to us, in the most precious word, is love also. At home, we have our parents with their unconditional love for us; we have our siblings with whom we share our feeling, thought and memory. Home is where we love; home is the place that our feet may leave but not our hearts (Homes, n.d.). No one can travel all the time; we need a place to come back after all. Obviously, when we are young, we have ambitions deep down in our hearts; we want to discover the world, to challenge ourselves....
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