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I am going to write an article about the Khan family. I am going to put on the role as a journalist who reads about the Khan wedding in Lancaster’s daily newspaper. After reading this article in the newspaper I am going to recreate an article about the Khan family since the first article didn’t describe the event as accurately as it should have done. It lacked the perspective of the other family members since the interviewer had only interviewed Nazir Khan. Therefore I am going to interview the mother, the father and Nazir. I think that there might have been some cultural factors weighting in on the decisions that were made the day of the wedding and I also want to see how this family react and connect with each other. In short, I am going to write an article, by doing interviews with the Khan family members because the cultural clash aspect of the event captured me. The article is going to be published in another newspaper called “Bradford Times”.

The Imposing Culture

Last week’s events here in Bradford were the same old plain events, but there was one certain wedding that stood out amongst them all. A wedding bonding Nazir Khan, a British raised man with a Pakistani background, to a Pakistani woman. The only problem was that Nazir did not seem to want to marry this girl, so he walked out of the wedding ceremony and left the girl at the alter. Nazir is now living in London, Bradford Times was on the spot to interview the young man.

Nazir, can you tell us what happened the day of the wedding? I have a very repressed memory of that day but I remember that I was very nervous. I did not want to marry that girl, I had never even met her before! She could have been insane for all I knew. I had bigger and better dreams so I could not go through with it, besides it was always my dad’s dream not mine.

There is clearly a sense of pressure from the father, the boy felt that he had to marry this girl in order to satisfy the father, which is a...
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