East Is East

Topics: Marriage, Family, Arranged marriage Pages: 2 (829 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Written by Charlotte Lisa Bateman, 12STA 23.03.13

The movie East is East is a drama-comedy film by Ayub Khan-Din, and is directed by Damien O´Donnel. The movie takes place in Salford, Manchester. The year was 1971, and it is about the family Khan. The main characters in the movie are George, who originally comes from Pakistan, his wife Ella who originally comes from Britain, and their 7 children, Nazir, Abdul, Tariq, Saleem, Maneer, Meenah and the youngest, Sajid. The family Kahn owns a fish and chips shop on the corner. The movie is about George Kahn who is a man of Islam and traditions. He tries his best to raise his 7 children, as well as his wife, to be good Muslims. But when he has to please his British wife Ellsa and the Pakistani community, the job is not easy. In the beginning of the movie he wants his oldest son Nazir to be married, so he arranged a marriage for him. But at the altar Nazir gets cold feet, and rejects to get married and leaves the bride at the altar. George Khan, Nazir’s father gets furious as Nazir brought shame over the whole family. Georges world seems to collapse, but marriage is still on his mind. So he decides to arrange a meeting with Mr.Shah and his two doughters to meet his second and third sons, Tariq and Abdul. In this way by marrying two of his other sons, he would gain the respect he lost when his other son did not marry.

George gave his promise to Mr.Shah that his sons will marry his daughters, but Tariq and Abdul does not know about the arrange marriage until the youngest son Sjit spills it by telling them about what he heard when George told Ella the plans. Ella now finds herself caught between her husband and the children, and when everyone knows about their father that has secretly been arranging their marriages; the rebel within the children comes out. In the end, Tariz gets angry because he finds out of his father plans of the marriage. So he takes Saleem and Menah with him and...
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