East Africa

Topics: Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan Pages: 2 (258 words) Published: March 15, 2013
East Africa Test
Review Sheet

Key terms and themes:

Aksum-empire in ethopia
Animist-natural world spirits
Bantu speakers-farther south-kikuyu
Cushitic speakers-red sea coast aimharat somalians
Darfur-middle land between n+s sudan
Displacement-forced to be leaving home
Djibouti-country in e africa last to gain independence1947
Genocide-to intentionally wipe out a population of people.
Guerrilla warfare-ambush style fighting
Gum Arabic-sap of acadia tres
Used as a binder
Hutu-ethnuc group in rwanda
Idi Amin Dada-military leader/president
Injera-bread made from teff
Ivory-cream colored materials
Janjaweed-militia group nomadic
Khartoum-capital of north sudan
Kush-kingdom that controlled nile
Lake Malawi-south sudan
Lake Victoria-lake surrounded by Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya
Locust- rapidly breeding insect
Nilotic people-herders on the nile river
Serengeti Plain-area of land in tanzania
Sisal-plant used for rope
Sorghum-beef/lamb,sour milk/animal blood
Swahili-unique to e Africa common language
Teff-used to make injera
Tsetse fly-sleeping sickness
Tutsi-ethnic group in rwanda
White & Blue Nile- branches

Possible essay questions:

What are some of the major differences and similarities between East Africa and West/Central Africa? Please use specific examples and name at least three (3). Wars ib both
East Africa has religious disputed

The major conflicts that we talked about took place in Uganda, Rwanda, Somalia, and Sudan. Explain how each of these conflicts started or could be traced back their time under European rule. Please use specific examples to support your point of view.
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