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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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Dear Mr. Chowdhury,
The A-Level students of Mastermind take their AS and A2 exams under Edexcel board. If you need further information or assistance regarding this, please feel free to contact me. Thanks,

Dear Reazan Manzoor,
Hello! Your proposed visit for Monday, the 5th of March is okay with us. We would like your representatives to hold the presentation at 10.30 am on that day. Please confirm us the time. And yes, Mr.Manzoor, just to let you know that my last name is Habib not Habiba. Thanks,

Neera Habib

Dear Mr. Cosh,
Out of both the dates you proposed, Tuesday, the 6th March fits better with our schedule. We would like you to hold the presentation at 10.30 am on that day. Please confirm us the time and if you need further assistance on this, feel free to contact us. Thanks,

Syed Fakhruddin Ahmed

Dear Ms Oxley,
Thank you for contacting and letting us know about Mr. Doug Pearce. Yes, indeed it would have been an opportunity for our students to get a presentation from him. But unfortunately, we won’t be able to schedule a date for him as you requested. Regards,

Jharna is a successful village entrepreneur. Small loan, family council and competency in training development have brought success in her life. Jharna’s husband used to work in a village grocery store. Whatever he used to earn, was not enough for his family. They have three children. Due to insufficient income, there was no peace at home. There was often tension between Jharna and her in- laws. About 7 or 8 years ago, Jharna took a loan from an organization to buy a sewing machine and started to sew clothes. She also trained herself as professional in tailoring. In this way, she improved the quality of her work to increase her income. Gradually she had 8 sewing machines of her own. She goes to city by herself to buy the required materials for her business. In local market, she has created the demand for her clothes. Women prefer her clothes because of the quality she maintains. She has not only been successful in expanding her business but has also created job opportunities for 5 other men and women in her business. From the committee meeting, she has learnt about women rights and other government support that can be availed. She has also learnt from different NGO’s that provide women with legal support. To develop expertise in business relation, quality of goods and for marketing purpose, she has contacted with Union Parishad, Youth Ministry and local market committee. Jharna did not get chance to go to school. That’s why she is very eager to educate her children. *and later she put her children in Govt. Primary school. At the moment, her elder daughter is in BSC engineering program and younger daughter has completed SSC examination with GPA 5. Few days ago, Jharna bought some land near her house. She has also leased a pond by her store, so that her husband can involve himself in fishery business. Her husband has also realized the fact that instead of being involved in grocery business, he can earn better / more from fishery business. Family counseling organization has also helped Jharna to improve her relationships with in-laws. People of the village respect her more. Everyone believes that her hard work and dedication have helped her come all this way. Now all the other women of that village dream of becoming independent like her. Jharna is their source of inspiration now.

Dear Mr. Scott,
As per our conversation and if there is no political unrest on Thursday, the 3rd May, we can definitely have a meeting on that day at 10 am. Thanks,

Syed Fakhruddin Ahmed

Dear Mr. Scott,
I’m extremely sorry to let you know that it will not be possible for me to reschedule my other appointments for next week. I had kept that particular day as you specially mentioned about the 3rd May in your previous mail. Anyway it seems little difficult this time and hoping to meet you in your next visit. Regardsr,

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