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Assignment 2nd

Topic:- A Study of consumer behavior about public and private Telecommunication Services.

Submitted To: - Submitted By:- Mr. Gourav Arora Diksha Gaba Regd. No. 11208154 Roll No. B43

ØTo study consumer perception about services provided by public and private telecom sector. ØTo study the factor responsible for buying decision of customers. ØTo study the loyalty of customers.

ØTo study the customer satisfaction.
ØTo study the comparison of various operators.
üThe study is conducted on Mobile Service user
üThe study is confined to the Lovely Professional University. üThe size of the sample: 100

Research Methodology
Sampling Plan:
a) Population: The populations interviewed in the research are students of LPU. b)Sample Size: Owing to the constraints of time & budget, the sample size is restricted to 100 students. c)Sample Element: The sample elements of the research are students of LPU. d)Sample Unit: Lovely Professional University

e)Sample Duration: The sample duration was between March, 2013 and April, 2013. Sampling Technique:
The sampling technique used is convenience sampling

Research Design:
A research design is the detailed blue print used to guide a research study towards its objectives. It helps to collect measure and then analyze the data. Types of Research
The study undertaken is of Exploratory Research in nature. Exploratory research studies are those which are concerned with new hypothesis. Nature of Research
The study undertaken is of Qualitative in nature. It is structured, standardized, question based. Type of Question
The type of questions asked during the study are “Straight forward and...
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