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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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Tomas "Tommy" Prince was born on October 25, 2925 at the Brokenhead reservation in Canterbury, Manitoba, Canada. As a young boy, Prince developed exceptional skills for tracking, hunting, and marksmanship. Naturally, he had no problem meeting the requirements for recruiments for recruitment with the outbreak of WW2. Originally, Prince volunteered for a parachute unit called the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion. A new special force had just started recruiting from the st CPB, so Prince immediately jumped at the opportunity. Tommy Prince had just joined the 1st Special Service Force, aka the Devil's Brigade. He was trained in stealth tactics, amphibious warfare, mountain warfare, rock climbing, hand-to-hand combat and explosives. He became a scout. In Italy on February 8th, 1944, Prince was sent far behind enemy lines to report on German positions. He positioned himself in an abandoned farmhouse and started sending information on German positions back to his force. Ally and German artillery fire became heavy as a result of Prince's work, until a shell hit the telephone wire connecting Prince to the force. Prince dressed up as a farmer, grabbed a hoe, and pretended to be weeding his crops while moving towards the break in the line. When he reached it, he knelt down as if tiring his shoe and connected the wires together. Prince got up, shook his fist at the German and Allies, and headed back to the farmhouse to continue his reports. Over the next 24 hours, four German batteries were destroyed thanks to him. HE was awarded the Military Medal. On September 1, Prince and a Private were sent behind German lines to scout their positions. On their way back to report their findings, they came across a squad of French partisans fighting with some Germans. They started sniping the Germans until they left, then went down to talk to the French commander. When the commander asked where Prince's company was, he pointed to the Private. The leader was surprised, and said he...
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