Earthquake Preparedness

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Earthquake Preparedness|
Public Administration|
Lorena Hedges|

I will be discussing the needs of a budget and what supplies will be in the budget plan. Then you will read some about the shelter provided, population of the community, and damages caused by earthquakes. There will be information about the policy and procedures to follow for an earthquake and what challenges we have to face. The conclusion will be completed in the next phase.|

Earthquake Preparedness
There are three major consequences of an earthquake: injury to employees, customers and visitors; damage to property, the infrastructure of the area, and lifelines; and disruption of business operations (Crook, 1999). This is where the earthquake preparedness comes into play. Budget is where you have to make sure that you are recording everything that is being purchased to make sure that you don’t overspend or underspend. This will help you be able to make sure that you have the proper amount of supplies to support the needs of the people suffering from the earthquake. Supplies Needed

Supplies are very important when it comes to the disaster of an earthquake. The demands of supplies are very high. Supplies needed may vary from earthquake to earthquake as some people will need more than others. It will depend on the damage that has been caused by the earthquake. There is water, food, shelter, clothing, medical services, medical supplies and much more. With the supplies being available then many people will get their needs met in a respectful way and time frame. Of course there will be a big demand on many supplies as even though we prepare for the worst there may be other things that have gone wrong during the earthquake; such as roads collapsing and blocking entrance into the community. Earthquake Supplies Budget|

Supplies| Quantity| Price| |
Water| 750,000 Gallons| $1,125,000 | |
Food| 105,000 Meals| $2,100,000 | |
Clothing| 10,000 outfits| $2,000,000 | |
Blankets| 5000 one per person| $30,000 | |
Medical Supplies| ?| $2,750,225 | |
Cook Ware| 25,000 pieces| $5,502 | |
Shelter| 5000 Beds/Tents| $50,000 | |
Total| | $8,060,727 | |
| | | |

There are many forms of shelter to consider when a disaster takes place. We will be able to put some people up in churches that have not been harmed, and we purchased several tents for the ones that are not able to make it to good shelter. Shelter will help keep the people out of harm’s way, and let the workers get busy helping other people in need. The people that are in need of medical attention will need to be in shelter to get their needs met. Shelter is very important for many people.

There are many other organizations that are willing to help out with the disaster. The Salvation Army will help supply blankets, clothing, and food. They will also gather many donations to make sure that we meet our budget plan. The American Red Cross will also help with many different types of donations. The Governor will send in many different people to volunteer and set up a donation television and radio program. There will be many donations that will help meet our budgets and supply demands. Population

The population of the community that I have made this budget plan is 5000 people. This is a small community. There are many bigger communities surrounding the disaster area and may be hit next. The timing of an earthquake is anyone’s guess. It is important to just to be as prepared as possible. With the budget plan that I have provided it should well support the needs of the small community.

Surrounding communities will pull together to help support each other. The neighboring communities of the surrounding community have some smaller population and some larger populations. The population varies as each community is different. When the disaster takes place that is when research will be...
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