Earth's Natural Resource: Water

Topics: Excretion, Defecation, Perspiration Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Water is a natural resource in the Earth.Water is essential to our life also, such as water can solve our thristy problem, water can make us survive, water can clean our body, water can recharges our fatigue, and water can revitalise our skin.According to scientist investigation, 70% of our body mass are water.Therefore, water is very important to us.

Although water is essential to our life, we will lose water everyday also.How we lose our water? We can lose water through perspiration, respiration and bowel movement. For example, regular exercising will start perspiration which is sweating and respiration. We will proceed bowel movement also which is defecation.

Water is having a lot of benefits to us. First and foremost, water will revitalises our skin because our skin will dry under sun. In this hectic lifestyle, we will facing a lot of stress and this may make us age.Then, water will helps to revitalise.Besides that, water can rehydrates our body.Playing games, working and perspire will causes us dehydrate.Dehydration will causes us many health problem and this may need water rehydrate.

When we playing, working, studying and so on, we will be fatigue. We need water to recharge fatigue for us to continue our activities. Fatigue can having at mentally and physically.Fatigue mental will make a person become sleepy and decrease attention of the person whereas fatigue physical will make a person's muscle become pain and tired. All of these fatigue will make people become sluggish.Last but not least, water can help a person detoxes to cleansing the bacteria of a human.In this whole world, there were nothing to help us detox and cleansing.Water is the best agent.

Water is the most important in our world.If we without food for three days we still alive but we without water for three days we will become a corpse. Water is having a lot of advantages, we should take care our water to prevent water pollusion. | | |...
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