Earth Quake Disaster

Topics: Structural engineering, Structure, Structural load Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: December 7, 2012
a. General. Earthquake ground motions for the design and evaluation of Corps CHS are the Operating Basis Earthquake (OBE) and the Maximum Design Earthquake (MDE) ground motions. Seismic forces associated with the OBE are considered unusual loads. Those associated with the MDE are considered extreme loads. Earthquake loads are to be combined with other loads that are expected to be present during routine operations. b. Operating Basis Earthquake. The OBE is a level of ground motion that is reasonably expected to occur within the service life of the project, that is, with a 50-percent probability of exceedance during the service life. (This corresponds to a return period of 144 years for a project with a service life of 100 years).

c. Maximum Design Earthquake. The MDE is the maximum level of ground motion for which a structure is designed or evaluated. As a minimum, for other than critical structures, the MDE ground motion has a 10 percent chance of being exceeded in a 100-year period, (or a 1000- year return period). For critical structures, the MDE ground motion is the same as the maximum credible earthquake (MCE) ground motion. Critical structures, by ER 1110-2-1806 definition, are structures that are part of a high hazard project and whose failure will result in loss of life. The MCE is defined as the largest earthquake that can reasonably be expected to occur on a specific source, based on seismological and geological evidence. 2-2. Performance Levels

a. General. Various performance levels are considered when evaluating the response of CHS to earthquake ground motions. The performance levels commonly used are serviceability performance, damage control performance, and collapse prevention performance. b. Serviceability performance. The structure is expected to be serviceable and operable immediately following earthquakes producing ground motions up to the OBE level. c. Damage control performance. Certain elements of the structure can deform beyond their...
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