Earth Preservation

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  • Published : September 2, 2013
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Preserving the Earth


Over the years many developments have been made about how Christians can preserve the Earth. From recycling, to using solar energy, to planting trees for fresh oxygen to provide clean air that deforestation has caused are the many ways Christians have took a stand in conserving our Earth. Isaiah 45:18 says, “ the Lord created the earth and made it; he established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited: I am the Lord and there is none else”. This scripture tells us that we are put here on purpose and that we should honor God by taking care of what he has given us. Protecting and conserving the earth should be a Christian’s moral obligation.

Being a Christian and protecting the environment is a concern, because as Christians society holds you to a higher standard in conserving and protecting the environment. Not only that, Christians believe that God created them and the earth and they can honor God by taking care of the Earth. People should stop living so carelessly and be good stewards of what God has blessed them with. Failure to preserve the environment will affect generations to come because human actions sometimes have adverse effects on the environment. For example, the clearing of forests and the burning of coal causes global warming by releasing toxic gases into the atmosphere. There are so many careless actions by humans that could be prevented. For example, watching how much water is being used, not recycling, watching how much energy is being used by not turning off lights and computers, using hot water to do every load of laundry, and driving a mile up the street when you can walk. Christians should take whatever actions necessary to preserve and restore the environment. By doing so, Christians will show a good example to others by conserving the earth. There are a few reasons as to why Christians should preserve and take care of the environment. First, believers should be good stewards of...
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