Earth Pollution Causes and Effects and the Possible Solutions

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  • Published: April 7, 2010
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Alghudhaih, Abdullah
Final Report

Earth Pollution Causes and Effects and the Possible Solutions

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I. Introduction
A. Biography + Transition Statement.
B. Earth Pollution Causes and Effects and The Possible Solutions C. Earth pollution occurs when the air we breathe and the water we use are contaminated by several ways. These could be prevented by using sustainable and clean sources of energies like solar and wind energies. II. Air Pollution

A. Cause.
B. Effect.
III. Water Pollution
A. Cause.
B. Effect
IV. Solar Energy
A. Solution.
V. Wind Energy
A. Solution.
VI. Conclusion
A. Summary
B. Using one source of green to power the entire world wouldn't work because every green energy source has its flaws. The key solution in the mean time is to use multiple sources which will work together. We may not see the problem as it is but all the scientific evidences say that we must take immediate actions that would secure our planet from getting contaminated and try to prevent non-likely future scenarios. VII. Work Cited


My name is Alghudhaih, Abdullah I just turned 21 years old and my home town is Medina. I have been interested in science and engineering since I was a kid, so I followed my childhood dream. Currently I'm a student in KFUPM in Saudi Arabia majoring in chemical engineering. I like facing the life challenges and try to adjust myself so I could beat them up. Earth pollution has been a major issue all...
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