Earth Operators Manual

Topics: Energy development, Fossil fuel, Carbon dioxide Pages: 3 (1081 words) Published: January 22, 2013
The climate is changing, the earth is warming and the reason this is so is analyzed by Richard Alley in his study of the relationship between climate change and energy. The questions he answers in his documentary was how much energy we consume as humans, what amount of this energy do we derive from fossil fuels, what countries are putting in place to conserve some of the energy and some other new practices we can adopt to save our planet. Fossil fuel as the number one producer of energy in todays world; 80% of the energy we use today is derived from plants which died over hundreds of thousand years ago. Even with this 80%, some people are still left without power and they use other sources to get light to see in the dark some of which is the burning of kerosene lamps whose smoke is harmful to the health of the individuals around it and also the brightness of the light causes straining of eyes. The more people move out of poverty and get a good education, good jobs and migrate to the cities, there will be the need for more energy which means that a growing population and economy means increasing demand for energy. The formation of fossil fuel requires oxygen and its burning also uses oxygen and then releases carbon dioxide into the air, accumulation of carbon dioxide in the air reduces the amount of oxygen in the air and at some point, Scientists believe we can run out of fossil fuel if we keep on consuming it as we are now and reversing the order of their formation. High amounts of carbon dioxide cause the earth to heat up giving us those high temperatures and when the air is filled with oxygen, the opposite, cooling of the earth is what results. Glaciers give an indication of climate change. Glaciers today are falling apart, there are new lakes and high sea levels; analyzing a core of todays ice shows more bubbles (carbon dioxide) trapped in the inside as well as higher temperatures as compared to those of decades ago where you...
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