Ears of a Iger

Hailey Lusiak

Tears Of A Tiger by Sharon M. Draper
Have you ever thought about the meaning of a song and it's lyrics. Everybody has a different pinion for what it actaully means. Most songs mean alot of things. It's notjust smething you sing to. A song can connect to alot of different things like events, emotions, problems, situations negative an dpositing things, bad and god memories; some songs can even connect to books. I have just finished reading Tears Of A Tiger by Sharon M. Draper and there are so many songs to relate to things book but there werea few that stood out to me.

It all began with Andrew Jackson(Andy) on top playing basketball with his friends. But that night the team won by ver 40 points. Andy and his threee friends Robert Washingtn,B.J and Tyrone all were happy and feeling good so they decided they wanted to drink Andy had alcohol in his car. They were drinking and driving and it had changed there life forever. Andy was the one driving. People began to honk. He was Swerving in the lanes and then ran into a wall. This was a big part of the book. the song Blame It by Jamie Foxx Ft. T-Pain reminds me of this. In the song it says "Blame it on the goose got you feeling loose blame it on the petron got you in the zone blame it on the a a a a a alcohol" Now, this songs fits qirh that part of the book because if they weren't drinking they would have never been swerving on the road and end up smashing into a wall.

Andy, Tyron and B.J were able to get out of the car before it started burning. As Tyrone descirbesit in the book the wall jumped out at them. Andywas trying to find the break but didn't fast enough. Tyrone pulled Andy out of the car mean while B.J got out his self. They heard screaming so they ran around to the other side but the door was bent shut they couldn't get it open. Robs feet were stuicking throught the windshield. His legs were cut and bleeding realy bad. Andy and B.J had climed on to the top of the car and started to...
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