Earn Money or Lifelong Skills

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  • Published : April 6, 2011
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Earn Money or Lifelong Skills
I get in enough trouble as it is. I can not imagine how much more trouble I would get in with the law and my parents if I did not work and play softball. Although authorities may believe students put education on the back burner, students should participate in extra-curricular activities because of the numerous advantages it gives the teenager.

For some students in high school, having a job is a necessity for the family. In other cases, a student simply wants to gain extra money for social activities or to save up for college. A certain result of having a part-time job for a teenager is that he or she will learn more about managing finances. Even upon receiving a first paycheck, a student will learn about how to budget for expenses in a given week or two, such as a car payment. Some students may gravitate towards troublesome behaviors after school or on the weekends. For these students, working at a job gives them extra hours of adult supervision and it gives them less time to get into trouble. By learning how a job and responsibility works, the student may even begin to grow out of some of the immature habits. Earning money can have an accrediting effect on a high school student that he or she may not feel when receiving an allowance for his or her parents. At a job, a student is trusted to perform tasks independently, which can build his or her sense of accomplishment. If a student has never before had much responsibility for other people or for particular tasks, a job can instill in the student a more positive self-esteem. While some jobs such as flipping burgers or folding clothes may not provide a student with thoughts for the future, other positions like internships or working as an office assistant for local businesses can promote forward thinking. Some students may never think about certain careers they are suited for because they have never been exposed to them. By showing a student new possibilities for...
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