Earn Money on Ios and Android!

Topics: Uploading and downloading, IPhone, Reward Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: June 1, 2013
serubi’s guide on how to make money using only your phone. Get your phone ready!

For this method, we will be using a service that gives you points for downloading apps and running them for 30 seconds. After you get the points, you can feel free to uninstall the app you downloaded to get the points. It’s really quite simple! You can spend these points on gift cards or paid apps for your phone. Please note that you can only get the paid apps for your phone if you live in America.

Step 1: We really should get started! Grab your phone, open Safari (only the Safari browser will work) and visit this URL: http://featurepoints.com

Step 2: You will be presented with a screen that looks like this on iPhone:

On Android you just go to the Play Store and download their app.

You now need to press the Sign Up button in the top left corner. Now this will show up:

Press the “Let’s go” button and it will go to your settings app where you need to install a profile. This is safe. They only do this to verify your phone when you visit their site.

Simply click the Install button and let it do it’s thing. If you are on Android, you don’t have to complete the steps above.

Step 3: Now you will come to a page where you can enter a code and agree to their Terms of Service. If you enter this code: ‘VGOYWT’ you will start with 50 coins for free! Now you have to agree with their Terms of Service.

Step 4: You will now go the service itself. It looks like this:

Now to earn points, you need to click on one of the free apps.

Now click “Download and Earn”. In this case, I will earn 102 coins for downloading the app and running it for 30 seconds or more. When you click the “Download and Earn” button, you will be directed to the AppStore or the Play Store where you can install the app.

Step 4: Sometimes you run out of apps to download and therefore you can’t earn anymore points. Thankfully, you can invite your friends using your own referral code. You can find...
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