Early Steady-Dating: Encourage or Discourage?

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1- Pro-Con
Early steady-dating is sometimes seen as promoting a sense of autonomy and as fostering an individual´s ability to negotiate his or her needs and wants, but it is also often said to be detrimental to a young person´s social development. Discuss some of the arguments for and against early steady-dating.

Early Steady-Dating: Encourage or Discourage?

There are many reasons why parents can say that Early Steady-Dating can bring damages for the couple. And many reasons why they can say otherwise. People have the right to choose for themselves who they will want to be with for the rest of their lives, but will that so young people be ready for make this important choice for themselves so soon? Maybe yes, or maybe not. It’s normal that the parents get a little concern when their teenage children appear with a boyfriend or a girlfriend. People often think that teenagers aren’t ready for dating, they have to study and finish college before thinking about be in a serious relationship. And it’s not wrong. When you are a teenager, everything is intense. You think that you have to be with the same person for the rest of your life, and that life make no sense without this person. It can disturb their studies and cause serious damages for their lives, because if they really spend years with the same person, marrying and having babies so soon, they lose many phases in them lives, their freedom, their youth and then they’ll feel regretful and suffocated in some part of their lives. In another point of view, it’s important to admit that experiences are very important for everyone. When you start dating early, you can live many experiences which will be important for your life and your decisions. We need to gain experiences to grow up and to be able to choose the right person to spend...
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