Early Risk Factors for Being a Bully, Victim, or Bully/Victim in Late Elementary and Early Secondary Education

Topics: Bullying, Confounding, Abuse Pages: 3 (1061 words) Published: March 20, 2013
26 Nov. 2012

Early risk factors for being a bully, victim, or bully/victim in late elementary and early secondary education. The longitudinal TRAIL study By Danielle EMC Jansen, Rene Veenstra, Johan Ormel, Frank C Verhulst and Sijmen A Reijeveld

This research discusses the influence of early risk factors on later involvement in bullying. In the beginning of the article, the authors mentioned that while bullying is a serious problem in school all over the world, the most researches on bullying focus on characteristics of children at the moment they already are involved in bullying. Thus there are limited data regarding the impact of early risk factors in bullying. They examined the influence of preschool behaviors, family characteristics, and parental mental health on bullying and victimization. Their examination includes obtaining data of family characteristics, parental mental health and retrospectively on children’s preschool behavior with survey method. Then, they measured the schoolmate’s reports for involvement of adolescents in bullying or victimization at age 11 and 13.5. As the research conclusion, variety of aspects such as behavior in preschool, emotional problem, motor problem, socio-economic status, and family breakup, are linked to the involvement in bullying at a later age. The authors emphasize that focusing on risk groups in early age enhances prevention of bullying and its consequences.

In this article, the authors are indicating the problem that bullying is a significant issue all over the world, and that there are only limited evidence that associate features of children background before they were involved in bullying. As a solution to this problem, the authors wanted to seek the risk factors; especially before children begin social relationship. They designed their research to examine the impact of the children’s background during the preschool age on bullying at the early teen age. The study subjects’ family...
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