Early Motherhood

Topics: Pregnancy, Adolescence, Mother Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: December 5, 2012

Nowadays, our society still facing the very problem with regard to early motherhood. As we all know, the cause of this early motherhood is the premarital sex. We cannot deny the fact that today’s, sexual intercourse is just a common topic for lovers, friends, parents and their children. However, the parent should be the one to advise their children not to engage in premarital sex as much as possible. Teenagers and young adults, who are not married, are already engaging in premarital sex thus becoming young mothers. There is also some involvement why women engaged in early motherhood, and some of these are, they maybe drinking alcohols and taking drugs which will lead them to early motherhood. Being pregnant at an early age has a lot of risks. It is not just the mother that is risk at, but also the baby inside her womb. And because women are still in their early age, they don’t have any idea on what will be the responsibilities of being a mother in order to raise their baby healthy and happily.

Being a mother is not that so easy because dealing with the responsibility of being a parent is one of the hardest tasks to take on. Becoming a parent involves emotion, compassion, dedication, strength, knowledge, protectiveness, and being able to financially support the child. But even though it is like that, it’s still a very challenging, overwhelming yet very rewarding time in a woman’s life. Raising a child is another enormous challenge and responsibility for all the mothers, much more for teenagers who are embraced to motherhood. And if we look at it, early motherhood is still rising and continues to be rising here in our country. It is true that having a baby is a treasure in life. Although most of the people think that early motherhood is really not yet a right instance for a teenager, but still, there are also some good effects for a teenage mom about it. Once a teen age girl come into this kind of situation, many...
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