Early Morning

Topics: English-language films, Animal Collective, American films Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: May 10, 2012
The view of the vast grass extending before my eyes through the window in the early morning is extraordinary. Though it is slightly blurred because of the tiny droplets on the glass, it stays beautiful. In the early morning, the nature seems so fresh and innocent as most of the people and vehicles are not awake yet. A light twittering sound of birds makes it so peaceful, yet it gives you strength. The wind seems so gentle, quietly moving the leaves along with it.

Any human being would be touched by the sight of nature at that time; she seems so fragile. It makes me feel witty-like, when I am in front of such a beauty-scene. It’s like the urge of brooding takes all over me. Everything is so perfectly half-witted and bashful when men do not step on nature’s path. She means no harm to us, yet she is attacked and misused by men. FOOLISH…

With that last picture of nature in my mind, I close my eyes. I could almost feel the freshness in air, as if was standing outside right among the trees. The sent of green grass feels my nostrils, and breathing slowly helps me assimilate all of that. It is incredible how nature could make you feel so defenseless. When there is nothing to fight against, no need for weapons and no need for violence; all is calm. We live in a world full of calamities, lunatics and absent-minded people. But some will always be witful to change things to better and even though you might be baffled by it, nature will always be on your side.
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