Early Monday Morning

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  • Published : September 23, 2008
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Have you ever been fated to pick between the two things you love the most? Have you ever thought what might have happened if I made a different choice? Well, my name is Justin Woolworth and this is the story about my life and the repercussions of that one fateful day. I awoke that fateful day in a daze of confusion. The lights emitted a natural glow of defiance to the early morning sun, I turned them off. With the natural shine of the sun casting across my room I fumbled about to find a dirty pair of shorts. Groggy and angry at this Monday morning I reluctantly climbed the seemingly endless stairs. In the kitchen upon the exquisitely handcrafted granite sat two boxes of cereal. On the left was Lucky Charms, and on the right sat Trix. Nothing worried me at this point I thought to myself “one must be empty, and mom forgot to through it away”. Well upon taking two elongated strides I found myself starring at two crisp unopened boxes. I was dumfounded. Would the gods really make me choose between these two at such a young age? I had to choose. Both boxes sat there beckoning their own symphony of pleas. I grabbed Lucky Charms. At this point I could taste the cloud like marshmallows melting oh so slowly in my mouth. Then reality hit, for every marshmallow was five cardboard tasting corn puffs. Trix on the other hand had no marshmallows but contained dreamlike fruit flavored puffs. I fell to my knees damning the goods screaming “why me!” At this point beads of sweat dripped down my face as if anger was condensing on my skin. I grabbed Trix, using no conscience factor but time. I turned my back to Lucky charms nothing but regret filling my empty mind. I ate solemnly that day wondering what if…
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