Early Middle and Adulthood Paper

Topics: Marriage, Human sexuality, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 4 (1303 words) Published: September 25, 2011
Early Middle and Adulthood Paper

Diana P. Turner

Human Growth and Development

January 12th 2011

Michael Conley

People in their early and middle and adulthood go through transitions in their lives such as making and improving social and intimate relationships, indentifying with different roles that occur through their lives and adjusting to healthy lifestyles. Adults have their own views for what makes a intimate relationship work for them, depending on their upbringing or peers they may take part in unhealthy habits and throughout their college years they learn to make decisions maturely. All of these are what most young adults face and adjust to but outcomes can vary.

It is natural for everyone to need or have or want a companion to shares their lives with. It is thought normal of young adults to want a spouse and a family of their own. In relationships it is that passion “falling in love” is the dominant aspect of young adults (Berger, 2010, p.412) Intimacy is when two people know each other well enough to share secrets, as well as engage in sexual activity. Commitment is more time consuming and requires work, dedication, shares possessions, in some cases child-rearing responsibilities, and the capacity to forgive. In some international familes arranged marriages commitment is first before intimacy and passion. Domestic violence sometimes occurs but male figures of the bride usually oversees common ground is the husband is too demanding. Arranged marriages hardly ever do divorce, there’s tremendous effort in keeping the family together as well as social and family support is offered.

The western way a relationships seem to work is that all three factors, love, passion and commitment are all required. Passion on the other hand is fueled because of lack of knowing their partner, the more a person becomes familiar with that person, the passion soon fizzles out. The intimacy may increase and commitment can develop this is true for married,...
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