Early Marriages Are Practical

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  • Published : May 7, 2008
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Is there really a perfect age for marriage? Sometimes parents want to keep their children from getting wedded at an early age and “ruining their own lives”. Other times it’s just not the right time for marriage. Some believe that getting involved in a life long bond with a significant other takes away the freedom of dating other people, testing new waters or experiencing new things. But what many people don’t understand is that getting married at an early age is actually practical and has many advantages to it.

It is commonly agreed that the most important part of a relationship as strong as a marriage is growth. The couple must grow cognitively, mentally and emotionally at the same level. An early wedded couple can grow together as a whole. However, two that have married at a later stage in life have fixed opinions about many factors and are not always willing to change for the other. This sometimes leads to their separation in the form of divorce. A younger couple has the chance to learn to make compromises for their significant other. They have the opportunity to learn their responsibilities as a spouse. Not only does it help to learn these elements early in life, but it also leaves much time to make mistakes and to fix them.

A delayed marriage many times leads to a couple having many differences. They many times have a hard time adjusting psychologically. Their thoughts may differ about many things. A couple that has been married since a young age, has grown to think similarly and thus they do not have opinions that vary quite as much. Another advantage of getting wedded early is that a similar culture is experienced between the two. Often, when the cultures differ, lifestyles are different too causing conflict in a relationship. If two grow together, their cultures bind to form a new one. Those who wait to settle down with their significant other lose their chance to grow the way a younger couple does.

An early marriage makes sense. It has many...
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