Early Leadership Theory Relating to Tents-R-Us Case Study

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1. Introduction

2. Background- Early Leadership Theory & Tent-R-Us

3. Personality Era

1. The Great Man Theory & Tents-R-Us

2. Trait Theory & Tents-R-Us

4. Influence Era

1. Power Relations & Tents-R-Us

2. Persuasion Period & Tents-R-U

5. Strengths and Weakness of Tents-R-Us

6. Conclusion

7. References

1. Introduction

The following report was compiled to discuss early leadership theories relating to the case study Tents-R-Us, with citation to relevant literature throughout. The ones that are relevant include; the personality era which includes the great man and trait approach, also included is the influence era which includes power relations and the persuasive period. Within this report the background to early leadership theory will be outlined to give a basis of knowledge. The report is organised as follows; background to early leadership theories and the case study Tents-R-Us. The personality era discussing the concepts of the great man approach, which was based on that leaders were born to lead, Tents-R-Us will be linked to the literature. Trait approach which was a development on that of the great man, in which a group of traits were devised to determine what, is needed to be a leader. Once again Tents-R-Us will be linked to this area. The report will then delve into the influence era in which power relations and persuasion period will be discussed, Tents-R-Us will be correlated also to this literature. The report will then follow through to the strengths and weaknesses within the leadership style that has been connected to early leadership and determine whether or not there will be continued success and growth within Tents-R-Us.

2. Background

It has been generally noted that around the 1300’s leadership was first known to exist, however the term only came into situ circa 1700’s when the word leader was published in the Oxford dictionary. “Historical lines of thought on leadership have occurred within a relatively short time period...there is no recognition of dates when various eras’ occurred” (Van Seters 1990). However it has been stated that there has been a natural order of occurrence and each era can be asserted to a specific time frame. Within the report early leadership theories are applied to the case study Tents-R-Us. Peter Ridge is an entrepreneur who owns Tent-R-Us and founded the company in 1999. The company originally hired tents out but now have branched out and grown the business further with packages. Peter Ridge is currently in the process of making a decision between two candidates to employ as a marketing executive. The two prospective candidates are Mhairi Kee an experienced marketeer within the hospitality industry and Susi Dome working within hospitality management. All three will be compared to the early leadership theories.

3. Personality Era

3.1 The Great Man Theory

In the mid nineteenth century leadership was first explored and the personality era born was that of “The Great Man Approach.” The first writings known on this approach was that of Thomas Carlyle (1841) who discussed many great men in his book “heroes and hero-worship” such as Shakespeare and furthermore Galton s (1869) studied hereditary genius. Although Peter Ridge is indeed male and succeeded within his area of expertise which could be seen as great, there does not seem to be any relevance to the theory of the great man. As how can you effectively measure that Peter Ridge is within the concept of innate leadership. There is nothing within the case study that would state that his father or grandfather was a great entrepreneur. “Philosophers such as Friedrich Nietzsche and William James firmly asserted that history would be different if a great man suddenly were...
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