Early Language and Literacy

Topics: Toilet, Toilet paper, Caldecott Medal Pages: 4 (1348 words) Published: December 4, 2011
Title Page: Story Book

Title: “One Fine Day”

Author / Illustrations: Nonny Hogrogian

Publication Date: September 1st 1974

Genre: Fiction, Predictable, Folktale

Awards: Two times, “Caldecott Award Winner”


Summary: One fine day a fox wandering in the forest finds a pail filled with milk being thirsty drinks the milk. The milk belongs to an old lady who becomes so angry, chops the fox tail for lapping up her milk. The fox demands its tail to the old lady as he would be teased by his friends. The women insist on having her milk in order for the fox to have his tail. The fox is off on an adventure where one thing leads to another. Writing Style / Format: The story “One Fine Day” is an Armenian folk tale retold by Nonny Hogrogian. She did a wonderful job by translating this story. The rhythmic, cumulative text will have small listeners read along and match words to the pictures before the story is ended. The “One Fine Day” story is so predictable and rhyming which makes the child to read more. Illustrations: The illustrations are bright and appealing. It has two kinds of paints, the water colors and the crayons. There are lots of orange, yellow, green, brown and purple make it pretty charming and very vibrant with exquisite background. Character Development & Plot: The story one fine day is about a fox who is very thirsty, drinks a pail of milk owned by a women. The old women becomes so angry, grabs her knife and chops of his tail. The fox begs the old women to sew his tail back on otherwise “All my friends will laugh at me”. The old women says, “Give me back my milk and I will give you back your tail”. The fox find a cow that is willing to help but wants grass in return. The fox ask the field for some grass, and the field asks for some water. The fox goes to the stream for some water. But the stream asks to get the jug for the water. From there the fox finds the maiden who has the jug but in return the maiden wants a...
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