Early Influences on Cinema

Topics: Soviet Union, Sergei Eisenstein, Film Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: January 11, 2013
German influence on early cinema:
After the end of WW1, with strong hatred toward Germany from many leading countries in the world, and Germany suffering a crushing defeat, a new democratic government emerged. The democratic order saw a need to bring more attraction to the country, in order to repay the debt owed after WW1. German invested a large sum of money into the largest and most modern studios, and equipment. This allowed Germany to compete with the other leading countries in this industry. With the equipment and studios Germany provided the Golden age of German cinema came forth. This is where German expressionism came to flourish as many directors from across the globe came to Germany to record their features with the best and most modern equipment. The German expressionism came forth from the Avante Guarde presented from the French Cinema, which placed the protagonist in surreal or distorted settings. The most famous of German Expressionistic films is The Cabinet of Doctor Caligary by. Robert Weine. The Cabinet of Doctor Caligary set the tone for other films such as Dracula’s Story, and The Last Laugh. French influence on early cinema:

In 1920, after WW1 had concluded, France was the leading nation for Avante Guarde experimentation. Avante guard was the collaboration of artistic and philosophical ideas which produced some odd and interesting results in not only cinema, but all forms of art. Avante Guarde was all about experimenting with the form of art you were working with. This became a huge trend throughout the world, especially in the cinematic industry. As it allowed other directors and filmmakers to experiment with styles that eventually became the genres we know and love today. Anything from Western to drama, from horror to sci-fi. Avante Guarde was a French trend that set the film industry in motion. The three major styles that evolved first from the French Avante Guarde style were Dadaism, the mockery of artistic traditions cause by the...
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