Early Identification of Speech

Topics: Psychology, Behavior, Social relation Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: August 12, 2012
Analyse the importance of early identification of speech, language and communication delays and disorders and the potential risks of late recognition explaining how play activities are used to support the development of speech and language communication. Explain how multi agency teams work together to support speech, language and communication.

Early identification of speech, language and communication delay is extremely important as the chances of improving these skills are greater. Outside agencies can be informed and the child will receive the specialist support they require. If these delays are not identified the child may suffer from lack of confidence, less able to manage their thoughts and will more than likely experience emotional problems. Other aspects of development that will be affected are cognitive, social, emotional and behavioural. For example the child will find it difficult to form a relationship with other children who will then feel angry and could lead to behavioural problems and isolation.

If a child does suffer from this type of delay there a number of outside agencies that would be involved. These include speech and language therapists they will establish the delay or disorder and advise parents and teachers how they can support the child. Parents and children will be closely involved in the monitoring and review of the child’s progress. Senco will encourage communication between agencies which work the child to organise meetings at the school to discuss progress. If the child is not making any progress then the educational psychologists may get involved and carry out an assessment and recommend what to do next. Autism advisory teacher may come into school to suggest how to support the child who has autism. They will have a problem with social interaction and communication. A sensory support teacher may provide resources to children who have visual or auditory impairment and how give advise how to best support the child.

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