Early Civilization Compared to Modern Day America

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  • Published : October 20, 2010
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Early civilization shared similar common features, because all of these societies were under the same pressures. Their whole purpose was survival as it is to this day. Each societies main focus was to become established, stay in one place provide food, shelter and protection for their families. Early civilizations materialize along rivers, because rivers supplied a continuous and dependable supply of water for farming and human consumption. Agriculture today has had an enormous benefit on today’s society, there are now more farmers growing organic fruits and vegetables because the realize the great health benefits organic foods have on human consumption, providing less risk of pesticides and or chemicals on their food. These rivers along with climate and vegetation shaped the development of the early river valley civilizations. However, while people of these civilizations were dependent on the rivers for food, the rivers also inspired new ideas, technological, and economic innovations and developments. This opened up ways for travel and to explore, it also offered the opportunity for growth and new beginnings. Agriculture played an important part in their growth, and they found that by staying in one place, this would ensure family survival while keeping them together. Areas where agriculture grew and civilization prospered the communities productions did as well enabling them to move into cities and expand. This in turn led them to develop and advance into so many different areas, and the more they developed the more they grew, with that they realized they needed to secure and to protect their Family, property and wealth from unwanted outsiders , and in order to this they needed to establish law and order. Mesopotamia left a number of important cultural legacies for Western civilization. One of these legacies was various legal codes developed by a succession of Mesopotamian rulers. Most notably as Hammurabi. Early civilization instilled...
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