Early Childhood Education Today

Topics: Education, Childhood, Teacher Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Dr. P. Chandler
January 06, 2013

Investigating the Value of Children
Investigate activities
Statements within families
Political contexts where the investment in the future can be recognized in today’s society Explore the erosion of view point and how it is manifested in observable ways Trends past and present future projection in e c e

Compare and contrast the impact of thinking styles on teaching Analyze various societal impacts on young children

The role of early childhood professional today is radically different from what it was two or three years ago. The dimensions of professionalism and the characteristics of the high-quality professional remain the same, but responsibilities, expectations, and roles have changed. Teachers of today are more accountable for children’s learning. The emphasis is no longer on the process of schooling. An educator who successfully teaches all children, promotes high personal standards, and continually expands his or her skills and knowledge. The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) has suggested that appropriate teacher behavior may result from knowledge and experience including "...college-level, specialized preparation in early childhood education/child development...current knowledge of child development and its application of early childhood educational practice. As a rule, teachers must hold some type of certification or license to work in the public school system. What constitutes an early childhood education credential and whether the state requires such a credential are two different issues. Enthusiasm for action research is growing as people discover its value as a powerful vehicle for support, networking, and school reform. Educators who have used action research say that it becomes a way of life in their work. Classroom practice and children's experiences are changed, and in the process, there is improvement in learning. Professional...
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