Early British North American Colonies

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, Thomas Gates, Thomas Dale Pages: 1 (356 words) Published: September 30, 2011
Early British North American colonies

Jamestown, Virginia was founded in 1609 by the Plymouth group. Their goals were to create a town that had livestock, crops, homes & land for the settlers. At first there was death from the diseases, then when their immune systems built up there become order, governed by Sir Thomas Gates and Sir Thomas Dale. They organized workers, disciplined and sentenced offenders, and gave incentives to workers like ownership of land in trade for work for the company. They also sold stock to adventurers, and also began to grow tobacco to sell and trade. Jamestown had a small community with a social structure like any other, with iron workers, craftsmen, farmers, and even slaves. There was family in the rich, poor and middle class. Jamestown even had their religious beliefs

Maryland was founded by George Calvert and his dreams and goals were to make it a great adventure for real estate and a retreat for the English Catholics. There for the religious beliefs in Maryland were based on the Catholic Church. Although George Calvert died before he got his wishes, but his son Cecilius took over and named his brother Leonard governor of Maryland, which started their government system, then brought over 300 settlers to help start and live in their new land. Maryland befriended their fellow neighbors like the Indians, unlike Virginia so they did not have attacks, plaques, or go without food. Also they welcomed settlers and provided them with shelter, food, and offered to sell them land, unlike Virginia; they did not want to help the new settlers. Also Maryland’s religion was various, they tolerated Catholic and the non Catholic believers, unlike Maryland only allowed Catholics. Although, Maryland and Virginia were different they still had things in common like the social structure, they both had a town with iron workers, craftsmen, farmers, and they also had their own set of rules and regulations ran by their individual governments. Over...
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