Early Autumn Character Analysis

Topics: Robert B. Parker, Running, Television Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: June 11, 2011
A Closer Look at Spenser
While reading the book, Early Autumn, by Robert Parker, I liked many of Spenser’s qualities that he showed throughout the book. He made sure that he didn’t leave Mel’s house without Paul, he made Paul stay with him instead of his mom to keep him safe, and he got Paul into shape and away from the TV. During the book, I liked how Spenser handled trading Paul for his mother. I also liked how he disciplined Paul, and changed his outlook on life. I think Spenser is a character who can be a role model for anyone who reads about him.

As soon as I started reading during the summer, I immediately liked many of Spenser’s different traits. When Ms. Giacomin hired him, he made sure to take his job very seriously. He found the location of Mel’s house, and refused to leave until he got Paul. Also after Mel’s goons had kidnapped Paul for the second time, Spenser convinces Ms. Giacomin to let Paul stay with him until the situation was sorted out. Lastly, while Paul was staying with Spenser, he was able to get him into shape, and he got his mind off of TV. Spenser makes sure that when he has to do something, he does it right.

In the novel, there were a couple of situations that could have gone from bad to worse if Spenser had not handled them the way that he did. For example, when Mel’s kidnappers had kidnapped Ms. Giacomin, they wanted to do a trade on the bridge for Paul. Spenser knew he couldn’t leave Ms. Giacomin, but he also knew that the whole point of him being there was to keep Paul safe. So his plan was that while they were walking across the bridge, they would both lie down on the road next to each other, and then Spenser would drive up to them in his car. They would both get in, and he would drive away. If Spenser had not had this plan in place, he would have risked losing either Patty or Paul.

Later in the story, After Patty had let Spenser take Paul to keep him safe; Spenser disciplined Paul, and changed his outlook on life. During...
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