Early American Settlement

Topics: Human, Religion, Wealth Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: March 12, 2013
The undeniable fact of human race behavior from the very beginning till now is that every aspects of life are driven by beliefs and a certain mindset. Even after hundreds and thousands of years, with modern technologies and scientific researches booming, people are still harmonized together by religious beliefs and norms. It might seems like the world has gone to another stage where gods and myths are misguided with many individuals claiming to be free thinkers disapproving religions and their beliefs. These readings reveal how Christianity has shaped the early American settlements the way they were in early civilization.

Early American settlements were started off with a combination of both well-off and less fortunate people. This structure was the main factor that kept the society realistic and stable. It was no way possible to have total fairness and equal class for the whole settlement, as it would disrupt the settlements. For instance, if everyone were to be equally wealthy, there will not be labors to work on construction sites, no farmers to cultivate paddy, and possibly there might not even be education if the population of societies have been on the same level. Thus, the division of people between wealth has proven to be very instrumental in keeping settlements moving forward. The differences of level among people might be causes for many riots and conflicts. On the bigger image, these are just minor problems that can be solved if everyone put in efforts to understand each other. Wealthy people should not despise and exploit poor people, but instead try to provide their basic necessities in the expense of unnecessary luxuries. In return, poor people should not threaten their interests or attempt to overthrow their masters or employers. In fact, these two groups of people have managed to benefits from one another with their resources in early American settlements. Individuals have also set a new breaking ground for their ascendants, wrestling their...
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