Early American History Paper (Lewis & Clark)

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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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Denise Gilbert
History 108
Mr. Marcum
October 1, 2012

Lewis and Clark as Pioneer Naturalists

The story of Lewis and Clark as Pioneer Naturalists from excerpts of Bernard DeVoto, ed. The Journals of Lewis and Clark (Boston: Houghton, Mifflin Co., 1953), pp. 117-118, 144-146, 263-264, 307-318, 322-323. Is for those who want to learn or understand the expeditions of Lewis and Clark, naturalist or people who want to study life of early American history.

The three main ideas the author evokes in the story are new discoveries of land, animals, plants, and the Pacific Ocean. They are important because it opened a whole new world of discoveries, such as The Majestic Rocky Mountains, The Great Falls of Missouri, The Redwood Forest, The Great Plains, The Pacific Ocean, and The Grizzly Bear.

“In the after part of the day I also walked out and ascended the river hills which I found sufficiently fortiegueing. on arriving to the summit [of] one of the highest points in the neighbourhood I thought myself well repaid for my labour; as from this point I beheld the Rocky Mountains for the first time, I could only discover a few of the most elivated points above the horizon, the most remarkable of which by my pocket compass I found bore N. 65 [degrees] W. being a little to the N. of the N.W. extremity of the range of broken mountains seen this morning by Capt. C. these points of the Rocky Mountains were covered with snow and the sun shone on it in such manner as to give me the most plain and satisfactory view. while I viewed these mountains I felt a secret pleasure in finding myself so near the head of the heretofore conceived boundless Missouri; but when I reflected on the difficulties which this snowey barrier would most probably throw in my way to the Pacific, and the sufferings and hardships of myself and party in thim, it in some measure counterballanced the joy I had felt in the first moments in which I gazed on them; but as I have always held it a crime to...
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