Eaquality and Diversity

Topics: Health care, Discrimination, Sociology Pages: 2 (849 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Natasha Williamson
P2- Describe discriminatory practise in health and social care. A)
In this essay I will be writing about the bases of discrimination which may occur in a health and social care setting. The main bases of discrimination are culture, disabilities, age, social class, gender, sexuality, health status, family status and cognitive ability. These are reasons why people get discriminated by individuals and groups within a society, people who do this are trying to make others change their life because of how they are. In this paragraph I will be writing about Culture. Everyone’s culture is formed by their social lives and what they have seen or being taught while they have grown up. The way people behave and the beliefs are formed by family and the community that they lived or live in. This can demonstrate the culture that they belong to. This means that it is easy for people to know and see the culture of different people, for example if there’s a health worker and an individual that have different cultures and they clash, this may cause potential for conflict and discrimination. The reason for discrimination first appeared to be based on the understanding of differences in morals, values, norms, standards, beliefs and attitudes. So in other words cultural conflict seemed to be the main factor in the huge amount of discrimination experienced. In this paragraph I will be writing about Disabilities. Disability is another possible source of discrimination. People have realised that children who have physical or mental disabilities act differently with them, however it’s not just children that act differently it’s also adults too. Some health care workers can discriminate too, either positively or negatively depending on what the individual’s ability is, for example people who are disabled in some sort of way but not badly can get discriminated because they may need help with things at school or work but people do not help them or offer them help....
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