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  • Published : March 27, 2013
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Critical thinking paper # 4.
Nowadays it became very easy for companies to advertise their products and services because of the great improvement of media literacy. Today we have a great number of brands which are very well known and popular among people, However, it is very important to keep people's awarness about your product and always create something that could not always retain loyal customers but also attract new consumers. Searching in internet you can easily find numerous video ads about the product you interested in. The text they want to convey to us is easy to understand: usually this is information about opportunities and advantages of a product or service. However, together with the main text there is a subtext which every person see and understant differently. There are two good advertising videos of very popular brands such as softdrink «Dr.Pepper» and deodоrant «Secret» for women. The first video shows us a battlefielв where a soldier persuade us that this softdrink is very good, it has a lot of flavors and this drink is highly recommended for men. The second avertisement shows us a famous actress who demonstrates us how easy can be life with this deodorant and how it really helps to «conquer» your buisy day. Our goal here will be analysis of the two mentioned ads together with both comparing and contrasting them. Another goal is to understand not only the text these ads wanted us to see but also subtext which plays not the last role in every advertisement. First of all, iin terms of comparing it is important to note that there ads both selling brands, in other words, products. Another thing that is very important is that both these ads use one of the «media effects», so called priming. It means that that looking at the main characters we have an association with succesfull people who are very confident, strong, good looking – sort of «superheroes» of nowadays. The next similarity which have both these ads is the using of advertising...
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