Eap Channing

Topics: Male, Female, Gender Pages: 3 (1008 words) Published: February 6, 2013
M. Channing believes that boys have fallen behind in academics over the years. It’s time to offer boys special advantages to help them succeed. The bored of education are trying to prevent boys from failing academy. Boys should not be the only gender being offered special treatment. Although it shows boys falling behind it doesn’t show the success rate of boys or failing rate of girls.

Boys do not need special treatment because boys and girls should be treated equally. For example a teacher cannot treat one sexually gender better or so-called “special treatment” more then the other. Furthermore a teacher would be sued for sexually discrimination, so why should boys get special treatment. In addition Obama passed the Fair Pay Act allowing both set of sexually preference would make same salary for same job therefore society wants equally treatment in gender, so why should boys get special treatments if were are so called equal.

People need to consider that boys aren’t the only ones failing academically many girls have troubles to. For instance male gender aren’t the only ones failing. I have a girl in my math class that fails constantly and most girls I seen am not doing well. Most boys I know in the class and am always getting a good grade on quizzes and test. In fact there are many females that don’t care about their future or schoolwork. The other day my dad interviewed this girl that had no idea about college or life ahead of her. Males and females gender should be treated equally instead of excluding one gender which don’t the only ones need help.

Some people believe boys need special treatment because boys won’t get higher paying jobs when they’re older. Indeed a boy with a low GPA or SAT scored wont get as higher paying Job with a someone with GPA of 4.0 and college degree. Admittedly this is a valid agreement that many businesses will not hire someone without a good education. However there are still many high paying jobs that offer positions to...
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