Eal - School Systems and Policies for Meeting the Needs of Children with Eal and or Black and Minority Pupils

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EAL TASK 1 (Q13)

School systems and policies for meeting the needs of children with EAL and/or Black and Minority Ethnic pupils

What are the needs in this school regarding EAL and ethnic minority achievement?

Middle Row Primary School has a population of 39% pupils who are bilingual. A total number of 21 different languages are spoken throughout the school. According to the Race Equality Policy, 57% of the pupils have English as an additional language. The school has a majority of the ethnic minority as stated below:

• 17% - Mixed White/Caribbean
• Moroccan – 15%
• Black Caribbean – 12%
• Somali – 11%
• White British – 11%

What written policies are there about the school’s approach? The school has a general EMA policy which highlights the school aims in regards to the needs of EAL children. According to the policy the school employs a full time teacher funded by the Language Development Service other than 2 teachers which are funded by the school. In reality there is one full time EAL teacher. There is also a section in this policy on new arrivals to the school where it states that the school ‘...runs an induction programme for pupils at the very early stages of learning English.’ Furthermore, in terms of learning and teaching, the EMA policy acknowledges the large number of pupils which qualify for EAL support, therefore it prioritises its support offered. The EAL teacher liaises with the class teacher in terms of the child’s assessment and development. The school also has a Race Equality Policy to ensure the school/staff fulfils its obligation under the Race Relation Act 1976 [amended 2000]. What are your school’s procedures for raising the standards of BME children and/or children with EAL – are there any particular support programme, strategies or resources used?

Middle Row uses the RBK&C’s assessment forms for children with EAL needs. This is practiced twice a year by the school staff. Other than this, the EMA teacher and the...
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