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Chronology i

Rohinton Mistry



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ii Chronology







series editor

john thieme

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Chronology iii

Rohinton Mistry

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iv Chronology
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Chronology v

For Ami with love

reasoning in public
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vi Chronology



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acknowledgements series editor’s foreword list of abbreviations chronology 1 Contexts and intertexts 2 ‘Throbbing between two lives’: the structures of migration in Tales from Firozsha Baag 3 Mistry’s Hollow Men: language, lies and the crisis of representation in Such a Long Journey 4 Thread and circuses: performing in the spaces of city and nation in A Fine Balance

viii x xi xii 1 27 69 94

5 Running repairs: corruption, community and duty in Family Matters 125 6 Critical overview 152 7 Conclusion — Rohinton Mistry: international man of stories 171 notes 178 select bibliography 197 index 205



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viii Acknowledgements


So many people have helped this study on its way that it seems invidious to single out individuals. However, certain colleagues and friends old and new have had a direct impact on what follows. They include Ken Swindell, who first introduced me to the work of Rohinton Mistry, and Roger Bromley, Shirley Chew and Elleke Boehmer who, quite apart from their perennial support, gave their various seals of approval to the project in its early stages. In London, Roberta Garrett and Kate Hodgkin, colleagues from the University of East London, offered practical help by locating some early reviews of Family Matters while I was out of the country. Likewise, Angela Atkins furnished material which gave me a head start on that particular novel. Thanks are also owed to William Radice and Narguess Farzad from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London: the former for allowing me to refine some of the ideas relating to Such a Long Journey in a guest teaching slot on his South Asian Literature course; and the latter for...
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